How to punish kids in a kitchen

This time I randomly got the article on Alvan Flanders whose only claim to fame is being a delegate from the Washington territory. Ok. No Alvan Flanders photos, but there was a photo of the Flanders’ kitchen in North Dakota.

The Flanders were a tough, hardy, pioneering family. They settled in the wilderness of North Dakota and brought civilization to the rough winter jungle of the plains. This was not an area that accepted people, nor was it an area to raise a family. 


The tense climate had a way of hammering incivility into the kids. They were aged from 4 to 13, but they each displayed their own rebel tendencies. Mr. Flanders knew he had to overcome the forces of nature and he did it with his patented Kid Active Punishment Device. KAPD allowed him to punish his children while making their dinner. The kids were exposed to effective discipline and cooking lessons at the same time.

There is now word whether Emeril Lagasse is related.