How to prevent nude photo posing

The Office of Metropolitan Architecture was the random selection. Of course, there were no photos, but I did find one for metropolitan. It’s a cute one.


Ethel: I like your polka dotted dress. Was it on sale?

Myrna: I don’t know. Knuckles gave it to me.

Ethel: Why does he have us pose on typewriters?

Myrna: Something about big business in backrooms. You have to ask him.

Ethel: Backroom? Did you?

Myrna: Yes. I don’t want to talk about it …

Ethel: Did you undress?

Myrna: I said …

Ethel: I did.

Myrna: Ethel!

Ethel: He promised me money.

Myrna: What? He promised me a dress.