How to isolate and quarantine tuberculosis tb patients

Today’s random shot from wikipedia was the American College of Chest Physicians. Now, that is a subject that the photo database should have tons on.

I plugged in American College of Chest Physicians and received no photos. I ran it all the way down to Physicians, but would have liked to run chest. Anyway, I settled on this photo:


I knew I had tuberculosis. The previous summer I spent time knocking around with the local bootlegger and his gang. Tight quarters, showering every month and the open life had set me up with the disease. When Doc Algason told me I had tuberculosis I didn’t believe him. Old Doc told me I had to isolate myself, but I am not made of money. 

Doc decided to take a collection up amongst the people in town. They fashioned me a nice hut and I moved in. Sure, it’s a lonely existence, but I have people who care for me when I am in tuberculosis isolation.