How to conquer paperwork for your small business

We’re almost finished going through our list of small business frustration. Today we’re going to deal with what seems to be one of the more common issues: paperwork. Just like the photo in our article, you may feel like your buried at times with paperwork. We have three tips to help you deal with the avalanche of paperwork. Remember, let us know how you deal with it.

Take it on: Many people put paperwork off until they “get around” to it. Since most everything else is going to seem urgent by comparison, make sure you take the time to tackle it during the week. You can save an hour or two to handle it on the weekend or you can deal with it on a daily basis. The idea is to get a handle on it before it becomes a huge pile.

Organize your papers: Is an invoice due in 30 days as important as a tax notice from the IRS that needs a response? No, of course not. Develop a very simple file system for dealing with this. I like to use one of the accordion folders and label each pocket high, medium, low and whenever. The whenever folder is for paperwork that I might enjoy reviewing when I have extra time. In other words, I may never get around to it. Keep in mind that the accordion file is a living thing. Move the paperwork around as the status change so you don’t miss anything.

Throw it away or scan it: You’re going to receive paperwork that isn’t important to your business and that you don’t need to keep on hand. Determine if you need a copy for archival purposes. If you don’t, throw it away. If you do need it, but it’s not that important, scan it in and file on your PC. Use a filename for the scanned document that makes sense to you and will jog your memory at a later date.

With these three, easy steps you’ll have a handle on your paperwork in no time.