How to bake the largest loaf of bread

The first random page was Finn Ronne. I couldn’t find anything with both words, nor with Ronne. There were a ton of hits with Finn, so I settled on the following:


As dawn broke, the group of bakers gathered to review their progress. The yeast issue was still digging into their thoughts and they knew they had to solve it. Baking the world’s largest loaf of bread was no easy task, as they were quickly finding. 

Small mistakes were made along the way. The group grew dour as they realized the oven was stunted by the limitations of the makeshift bakeware. Answers were as fleeting as the aroma of fresh pastries. They shrugged to each other until they decided on a solution. A solution that required a resolute pact of silence.

One by one they each agreed to take the short cut necessary. No one would know about their conspiratorial agreement. It would work, it had to work.

Mikko picked up the knife and darted his eyes to each in the room. None made a move nor sound to stop his progression.

The task was finished. With one simple movement the largest loaf of bread was now in two pieces, and no one would ever know their decision to back it in two pieces and reassemble when cooled.