How dog fur is used in the war effort

It took five random trips to find something The Small Toothed Dog. I had to settle on dog.

DATELINE: Omaha, Nebraska, United States


The Department of Defense issues an urgent alert last week for dog fur. General Michael Spaniel detailed, “The dog fur is needed as detonation devices on the combat ammunition turret (CAT). The CAT allows us to infiltrate Axis positions that were too strong for us.”


During the latest war drive Mrs. Golden and Mr. Russell arrived to contribute to the effort. Mrs. Golden is going to miss her St. Bernard, Laddy, but she knows it’s for the best.

“The army needs our help. Sure, our kids will be crushed, but it’s costing a ton to feed Laddy.”

Mr. Russell found a little silver lining in his contribution to the war effort. Mr. Russell, a trained juggler said, “They’re becoming a little too old to be in the show. Once they’ve been droppedĀ  a few times they are hand shy. I know this way they can still contribute.”

The call to arms for dog owners has been successful through the counties of Nebraska. Drive coordinator Mrs. Ivy Setter explained, “This has been a success beyond our dreams. The boys overseas are going to know that the folks at home care.”

The skinning is being handled by the local butchers and the left over meat is being converted into feed meal.