Famous Fly Casters

Among the American fly-casters who have been champions or record-makers are:


Call J. McCarthy, A.D. Whitby, Dr. R. Johnson, George G. Chatt, W.C. Luebbert, Jack Schwinn, Fred N. Peet, W.P. Arend, Walter Willman, A. (Tony) Accetta, William Stanley, Edwin F. Sutter, D.F. Beatty, L.E. DeGarmo, C.E. Edwards, Howard Chatt, Otto H. Peters, Ernest Liotta Sr., Walter Buckwalter, Marvin K. Hedge, R.E. Lyttaker, E.A. MacFarland, W.C. Newcomb, E.E. Cavanaugh, Allen E. Fogle, C.E. Braddon, Frank R. Steele, Richard Fujita, Fred Arbogast, F.S. Leach, H. Carl Hittenberger, Dick Miller, William Lovely, Harold H. Smedley, Clyde Marshall, George Hess, Richard Wilkey, Jack Sparks, Henry Fujita Jr., Ernest Liotta Jr.,
Clarence Anthes, J.A. Halbleib, Charles Schall, Walter Willman, Ben Rice, Len Williams, Charles Sutphin, Lee Sens, Earl Osten, Jimmy Green, Marion Garber, Jack Crossfield, Jon Tarantino, Myron C. Gregory and Richard R. Ward, Steve Rajeff, Zack Willson, Jr. and Steve Aleshi.

Mrs. Jack Lewis, Mrs. Ernest Liotta, Mrs. Otto Reisman, Mrs. A. McDonald, Mrs. U.J. Bauer, Aunalee Crusey, Mrs. Clarence Anthes, Carol Steel, Joan Salvato, Margaret Weaver, Mary Reisman, Dorothy Vogel, Mrs. Harry Sutphin, Bonnie Glatz, Mel Gavin and Kay Brodney, Mollie Light, Pauline Cathcart, and Betty Dixon.