Famous checker players

The best-known of the old-time players include Andrew Anderson of Scotland, first of the modern champions; James Wyllie, Anderson’s successor as universal titleholder; Robert D. Yates, James Ferrie, Richard Jordan, Robert Martins, W.R. Barker, J.A. Kear, R.D. Petterson and William Strickland. Other notables in the game were Charles F. Barker, J.P. Reed, J. Lear, C. Hefter, C.H. Freeman, Willie Gardner, A.J. Heffner, P. Thirkell, A.E. Greenwood, R. Stewart, Richard Jordan and Alfred Jordan. The modern list includes Newell W. Banks, Asa A. Long, Edwin F. Hunt, Tom Wiswell, Millard Hopper, Walter Hellman, Marion Tinsley, Basil Case, J. Marshall, J.T. Bradford, Alex Cameron, Charles Jolly, Harold Freyer, Harry Lieberman, Chris Nelson, Derek Oldbury, Fraser, and Elbert Lowder,

A.S. Wheeler of the Ontario Checker Association listed the following as among Canada’s greatest players: William Fleming, champion from 1867 to 1890; E.R. Jacques, Ed Kelly, Angus Crawford, J. Brown, W. Dodds, A. Fulton, L. Flannagan, E. Slavin, E.V. Thompson, E. Martin, N. Stephen and W.R. Fraser.