Does being black mean you’re stupid about obesity

You have to love the science folks sometimes. For instance, a news report came out claiming that blacks are less likely to recognize obesity .

Are they serious?

It doesn’t take much to recognize obesity in it’s common sense form. If you look at yourself, you’ll know. If you weight yourself, you’ll probably know.

The article claims:

Overweight black Americans are two to three times more likely than heavy white Americans to say they are of average weight – even after being diagnosed as overweight or obese by their doctors, according to a study led by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers.


I find this amazing and insulting at the same time.

They concluded:

One lesson from the findings, Bennett said, is that “it is probably not sufficient for physicians to simply tell a person that he or she is overweight; doctors should do much more intensive counseling regarding the health consequence of being overweight.”


No, I don’t think that’s the issue. Sometimes, just sometimes, people have self perception issues that keep them from admitting to OTHERS that they have a problem.  And that includes medical personnel.