Craig Krenzel and Akili Smith released … two unique quarterbacks

There were two football related releases that captured my attention this week. The first is that the Chicago Bears released quarterback Craig Krenzel and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released Akali Smith.

Never have two quarterback been polar opposites.

Craig Krenzel is the quarterback that piloted Ohio State University to a national championship. The man who majored in molecular biology and didn’t even know if he wanted to play professional football.

Akali Smith is the quarterback that achieved statistics in college and nothing more. The first round pick of the desperate Cincinnati Bengals that has the insult of being untapped potential.

Craig Krenzel played last year and played well. He won the first three games he started until he went down with an ankle injury. He’s the accidental quarterback, as he was drafted in the fifth round of the 2004 draft.

Akali Smith last played a real game in the NFL in 2002. He was released by the Cincinnati Bengals and then cut by the Green Bay Packers. The only reason the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked him up was so he could play in NFL Europe.

You have to wonder what is in their future. Craig has molecular biology and Akali has college memories.