Clint Barmes – idiot? no. Unlikely? yes.

Fantasy baseball players across America were crying today as they found out that the Colorado Rockies rookie of the year candidate Clint Barmes went on the disabled list. Why? He tripped.

Good old, Clint.

He’s going on the disabled list because he tripped while climbing a set of stairs at his apartment complex. He was carrying a bag of groceries, misjudged a step and feel on his shoulder. Clint Barmes is out for 60 days with a broken clavicle.

I am no medical expert, but here is where the clavicle is located.


Ouch. Clint Barmes must have fallen hard.

Here is what Clint had to say about the accident:

“At first it didn’t really hurt that bad. But then I moved around a little bit and I could hear the bone cracking I knew it wasn’t good.”

You think? But still, how could the simple act of falling cause such damage in a very fit, very active young man? There is more to this story and eventually it will come out.