Chicago White Sox wives get into the action

One year, when the Chicago White Sox finished the season deep in the second division, their Inanager Jack Onslow was a most unhappy fellow. The following year he decided that his players would prepare themselves much better for the new. season if their wives stayed away from the White Sox training camp. Politely, he requested that they do so.

But one wife firmly disagreed. She was a chunky, aggressive wife of one of the outfielders. She not only accompanied her husband to camp, but attended all the exhibition games played by the White Sox, and often commented loudly on the management of the team.

“I’m here and you can’t put me out!” she yelled one afternoon at manager Onslow from her seat in the stands. “Where my husband goes, I go,”

“Great!” shouted the exasperated White Sox manager from the third- base coaching box. “Madam, how would Beaumont in the Texas League suit you?” And that’s where he shipped her outfielder-husband the following day.