Can fat people attain a decent fitness level


I felt like ending the post with that, but I should explain. A Scientific American article looks at how fat, obese people are fit and healthy.

Katherine. M. Flegal, PhD, completed a study that showed mildly overweight adults outlived those who were not overweight. Yes, the old BMI myth was used as the statistical basis, but bear with me.


The article isn’t all that fascinating, but the picture is the real deal. Click here to view the picture. The caption says:

TRIATHLETES  can now top 300 pounds, part of the fat-but-fit movement. The scientific consensus, though, still holds that obesity is unhealthy.

This is something I’ve noticed in my daily trips to the gym. Yes, most people aren’t what you’d call obese, but it’s encouraging to see obese people working out. Strike that. Working out hard.

One of the primary causes of obesity is a sedentary lifestyle. When obese people work out they may not lose a ton of weight, but their bodies become more fit. Some of the ways you can tell:

  • Stamina increases.
  • Resting heart rate lowers.
  • Increased metabolism rates.

Now, the old common view of obesity is that you cannot possibly be fit and be obese. I mean, sheesh, the two terms aren’t compatible. Thing again. Obesity is a state your body finds itself in, and the body is very resilient. Regardless of obesity you can still improve fitness levels.