Are the Houston Astros racist?

It’s trendy in the news to point out the Houston Astros are the first team to play in the world series in the last 50 years without a black player. The last team without a black player on the roster was the 1953 Yankees.

Does it matter? It seems to matter to Joe Morgan who said:

Of course I noticed it. How could you not? But they’re not the only ones. There are two or three teams that didn’t have any African-American players this year.

I didn’t notice.

I’ve moved on from the black players in sports as it seems to be an issue relegated to the politically correct folks. Opportunities exist in all major sports for black players. There are some sports where socio-economics matter such as hockey (equipment and rink) and gymnastics (coaching) where all races face daunting tasks.

Plus, it’s not like the Houston Astros are devoid of non-white players. They have 6 Latin American players. Look at the White Sox, as they are a regular United Nations. They have Japanese, Latin American and black players.

Joe Morgan also says:

There’s a perception among African-American kids that they’re not welcome here, that baseball is not for inner-city kids. It’s not true, and I hate that the perception is out there.

Joe’s right in this regard, but for a different reason. Baseball playing down across all races in America. It’s been replaced with more exciting sports such as basketball and football, not to mention video games.