Which plants grow well in rock gardens?

Select a variety of low-growing conifers, ground covers, bulbs, and low perennials that will thrive in your climate. Alpines, such as mountain avens, drabas, and edelweiss, need cold winters. In the desert Southwest, use small, spreading peanut cacti, stone-crops, and other succulents. Ferns, begonias, and many gesnariads can be used in the humid South.

Thrift and candytuft are among the plants that tolerate the salt spray of seashores. For the right plants for your area, talk to a local nurseryman, garden supply dealer, or Cooperative Extension Service.

Plant dwarf junipers, sand myrtles, or other low shrubs at the bases of large rocks. In cracks and pockets put rosettes of sempervivum, bright patches of evergreen candytuft or gentians, or clinging stonecrops. Look for bright ground covers, such as thrift, baby’s breath, and creeping thyme, to overhang the tops of exposed rocks.

Water and weed well until the plants are established. Thereafter, if you have chosen your plants wisely, little care will be needed beyond watering during dry spells and an occasional weeding,