Where did prehistoric man live?

The men of the Paleolithic Age doubtless passed much of their time in the open, following the game from place to place, and, when night came on, camping out under the stars. They may have built huts, also. More commonly they took shelter under rock ledges and in caves,as some savages do to-day.

Limestone caverns, often very deep and roomy, are numerous in western Europe, where they seem to have been occupied by successive generations for many centuries. Huge accumulations of ashes and charcoal, stone implements, bones of animals, and sometimes those of man himself cover the floor of a Paleolithic cave to a depth of many feet. These objects are often found sealed up in stalagmite deposits formed by lime-burdened water dropping from the roof. What was man’s home has thus become a museum, only awaiting investigation by a trained student to reveal its story of the past.