Whatever happened to John Rocker of the Braves?

John Rocker. Wow. I haven’t thought about him in a long time. John’s the reliever for the Atlanta Braves that would run out to the mound when called in to the game. Problem is he’d also run his mouth. Sports Illustrated captured this when he took shots at immigrants.

John was in and off various clubs, but news came today that he’s hooked up with another team.

Yes, John Rocker is the newest member of the Long Island Ducks. The Long Island Ducks aren’t affiliated with any team as the play in the Atlantic League.

The Long Island Ducks think this is a super idea:

“John Rocker wants to pitch on Long Island,” said Ducks pitching coach Dave LaPoint. “He had opportunities to pitch elsewhere and he chose to pitch here. We look forward to putting the best product on the field possible in order to defend our Atlantic League title and John is excited to be a part of that.”

Interesting. First he trashes the city and now he plays there. Good luck with that, John.