What is smooth diet, free from roughage

In the majority of cases of irritation of the colon and of associated constipation the most important dietetic consideration is that the diets be free from unnecessary roughage or stimulation. Here are suggestions for a smooth diet:

Avoid sugar in concentrated form, and take no candy or other food between meals. Hot cakes and waffles are satisfactory, but should not be eaten with syrup. Fried foods are not bad if they are properly fried, that is, totally immersed in fat at the right temperature. Avoid eating when in a rush and when mentally upset. .

The following are suggestions for breakfast: Orange juice, grapefruit (avoid the fiber in the compartments); cantaloupe and melons are inadvisable. Coffee, if desired, is allowed in moderation, but it sometimes causes flatulence. If you are sensitive to caffeine try a caffeine-free coffee or a coffee substitute. Chocolate, cocoa, or tea; one or two eggs with ham or bacon (avoid the tougher part of the bacon); white bread, toast, or zwieback, with butter; any smooth mush such as farina, germea, Cream of Wheat, cornmeal, or rolled oats; puffed cereals and cornflakes are also allowed. Bran is particularly harmful. Graham bread is permitted, but not the coarser whole-wheat bread.

Suggestions for lunch and dinner: In fruit cocktails, avoid the fibrous pieces of orange and pineapple. Broths, bouillon, cream soups, and chowder are allowed; also meat, fish, chicken, squab, or game, except duck (avoid the fibrous parts and gristle). Veal may be tried; it is not digested well by many persons. Eat no smoked fish or pork. Crab and lobster had better be left alone. Oysters and sausage may be tried later.

Bread and butter are allowed, and hot biscuits if they are made small so as to consist mainly of crust. Rice, potatoes-mashed, hashed-brown, or French fried-are allowed; and later, sweet potatoes, hominy, stewed tomatoes (strained and thickened with cracker or bread crumbs), wellcooked cauliflower tops with cream sauce, asparagus tips, Brussels sprouts, squash, beets, turnips, creamed spinach, Italian pastes, noodles, macaroni, and spaghetti-all cooked soft-purees of peas, beans, lentils, lima beans, or artichoke hearts. All skins or fiber should be removed by passing the food through a ricer. Sweet corn may be used if passed through a colander. There are almost no other vegetables that can be pureed to advantage. String beans are allowed if they are young and tender. Large, tender string beans, which can be used as a vegetable or salad, can now be obtained in cans.

No salad should be taken at first. Later you may try a little tender lettuce with apples or bananas, tomato jelly or boiled eggs. Mayonnaise and French dressing are allowed. Potato salad without much onion may be tried.

Suggested desserts are: simple puddings, custards, ice cream, jello, plain cake, and canned or stewed fruits, particularly pears and peaches. Cottage cheese is permissible; other cheeses often cause trouble. Apple, peach, apricot, custard, and lemon-cream pie may be tried if only the filling is eaten.

Make no effort to drink excess water. Be guided by your thirst. Avoid excessive use of salt or other seasoning.