What is quoits and how do you play?

Similar to horseshoes, quoits is a game in which a player tries to toss metal rings, or quoits, so that they land around a stake in the ground or at least nearer to the stake than the other player’s rings. The stakes, or hobs, are driven into the ground 54 feet apart. Each ring weighs about 3 pounds and has a center hole 4 inches in diameter and a rim 2 inches wide.

The players stand behind one of the stakes and take turns pitching their quoits (two each) at the second stake. The players then move to the second stake, evaluate their scores, then pitch back at the first stake.

A quoit that encircles the stake (a ringer) scores 3 points; a quoit that leans against the stake (a leaner, or bobber] scores 2 points; and one that comes closer to the ring than the opponent’s scores 1 point. A ringer that tops the opponent’s ringer scores 6 points, and a triple ringer gets 9 points for the top ringer. Two leaners against the opponent’s ringer count 7 points. A game is 21 points. A match is two out of three games.