What is Gastrointestinal Allergy

The symptoms of this form of allergic reaction are: headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and recurring abdominal pain. Small infants may have repeated bouts of vomiting if they are allergic to cow’s milk protein. Their stools may become loose and watery. They may tense up and cry with pain, indicating colic.

They may also break out with various skin rashes, such as hives, or have eczema or generalized itching without any evidence of rash.

For infants and children the most frequent allergenic foods are: cow’s milk, orange juice, tomatoes and tomato juice, chocolate, eggs, fish, nuts, and the various citrus fruits. Children who are allergic to one of these may frequently be sensitive to all of them.

Treatment. Treatment depends upon finding the food or drink which causes the reaction. Attacks may be relieved by eliminating these foods and by giving injections of adrenaline. Antihistamines may also be of help.