What is child Organic Brain Damage

Behavior problems in children often reflect certain real and serious organic brain damage. Not all behavior disturbances are “psychological.” A damaged or defective child has difficulty in the entire area of perceiving. learning, repeating, and reproducing desired behavior. These children are characteristically restless, hyperactive, easily excited, and easily distracted.

They show unpredictable variations in their behavior, alternating from fairly normal to unpredictable, with outbursts of anger. destructiveness, and irritability. They often provoke fights. or tease and annoy others without cause. They are impulsive and act without thinking. They have difficulty in learning the concepts of reward, punishment, and competition. They have severe learning problems characterized by inability to say attention for a prolonged period of time, difficulty with abstract thinking (particularly reading and arithmetic) and inability to form “concepts.”

Only properly given psychological tests can determine whether these children are defective or damaged. There are special treatment methods for children who have difficulties in any of these learning areas. Retraining is the treatment of choice.