What is body odor and how to eliminate body odor

At the root of body odor is the perspiration secreted by the apocrine glands under the arms and in the genital region. Acted upon by bacteria, the perspiration emits a strong odor.

The best control for body odor is daily bathing. In addition, keep clothing clean, especially garments that come in contact with apocrine areas. Clothing made of natural fibers allows better air circulation, inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

If these measures are inadequate, resort to a deodorant, which contains agents that destroy bacteria, or an antiperspirant, which checks perspiration. The active ingredient in an antiperspirant is an aluminum compound; of two frequently used, aluminum chloride is more effective than aluminum chlorohydrate but may irritate the skin of some individuals and may also harm clothing. To add to the confusion, some products are designated as antiperspirant deodorants and others that are called deodorants contain aluminum compounds. Try different products, starting with the milder deodorants, until you find one that works and doesn’t irritate. Apply it before going to bed or just after waking. If you shave under arms, wait 12 hours before using It.

Stop using any product that irritates. After repeated use, you may find that an application every other day is sufficient. Lotions are most effective; avoid pressurized containers.