What happened in college football in the 1930s

1930 – Backward passes and fumbles going out of bounds between goal lines awarded to team last touching balL

1932 – Ball became dead the instant any portion of the carrier, excepting hands and feet, touched the ground. Edward K. Hall, editor of the Football Guide, died.

1933 – Side zone of 10 yards created. This applied when ball became dead; play was resumed 10 yards in from boundary. Clipping definition was made to include running into the back of a player not carrying ball.

1937 – No second kick-off allowed if ball was kicked out of bounds between goal lines. Ball went into play on receiving team’s 20-yard line. Rule required players to wear numerals on front as well as back.

1938 – Side zone increased to 15 yards. 1939-Penalty for pass hitting ineligible player fixed at loss of down, plus 15-yard penalty.