What are the rules to kick the can

A field or playground game. If you’re chosen to belt, place an empty tin can on end in the designated home area, which doubles as a prison large enough to hold all players. Staying in the home area, turn your back and count to 50 while everyone runs and hides. Then search for them.

When you find someone, run to the home area, announce the player’s name, and say: “Kick the can, 1, 2, 3.” That person (if correctly identified) becomes your prisoner and must stay in the home area for the remainder of the game-unless a free player eludes you and kicks the can as far as he can. This act frees all prisoners. You must then retrieve the can, return it to the home area, and try to catch the players all over again.

You’ve won the game when you’ve captured all the players. The first tagged becomes It for the next game.