What are the rules of bingo or how to play bingo

Each player buys or is given a card with five columns headed B, I, N, G, and 0. Each column has five squares. The center square is marked Free; the other 24 are numbered. The numbers under B are from the group 1-15; under I, from 16-30; under N, from 31-45; under G, from 46-60; and under 0, from 61-75. No two cards are alike.

A drawer blindly picks one of 75 counters and announces the number and letter on it. Anyone having these on a card covers that square with a chip. The game continues until a player covers five connecting squares, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. (The Free square may be included.) The lucky player then calls out “Bingo!” and wins either a prize or all or part of the money paid for the bingo cards.