What are the rules for fox and geese

You can make your own board for fox and geese by drilling 1/2-inch holes into a 12-inch square of 1/2-inch plywood in the pattern shown. Then get one distinctive marble for the fox and 17 others for the geese. The object of the game is for the fox to kill the geese without getting cornered.

Players alternate. The first player moves the fox; the other moves any goose. The fox can move one hole in any direction or jump over an adjacent goose, landing in an empty hole, or make a series of connected jumps. (A goose that is jumped is considered killed; remove it from the board.) A goose can move only one hole forward or sideward and cannot jump. If the fox kills all the geese, it wins. If the geese corner the fox so that it cannot move, the geese win.