What are the noisiest appliances in the home

Put televisions and speakers on stands. Audio equipment that touches walls or floors will cause sounds to reverberate through your home.

Decorate with curtains, carpets, and overstuffed seating to help absorb or muffle existing sounds.

Hang a suspended ceiling. Choose fiberglass panels to help soften the noise level within a room or mineral-board panels to stop noise from traveling to the room above.

Choose sound-deadening wall coverings as well. Cloth-covered panels or cork panels will help block or absorb sound and are easy to install. They also make great bulletin boards in a student’s room or in an office.

Consider installing low-noise toilets. These are carried in most hardware stores and cost slightly more than regular toilets.

Keep noisy kitchen appliances away from walls and cabinets, which can amplify the sound.

When buying appliances and ventilating fans, compare noise ratings. You’ll probably have to ask for assistance. A salesperson can help you by finding the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wear earplugs when doing noisy work around the house, such as mowing the lawn or using power tools.