What are some causes and cures of shin splints or lower leg pain?

Shin splints, an inflammation of the lower-leg muscles and tendons, causes pain in the front of the leg. Because a stress fracture (hairline crack) of the shinbone causes similar pain, the two conditions are often confused. Don’t try to diagnose or treat your self-see a doctor.

Shin splints can result from any exercise that overuses leg muscles or subjects the legs to repeated jolts. Given a month or so of rest, the injured muscles and tendons usually repair themselves. If the punishment continues, the condition becomes chronic, or a relapse soon follows recovery.

The wisest course is to avoid the problem by making the activity less punishing. First, ready muscles and tendons for work with a stretching and warm-up routine. Second, lessen joints by wearing well-cushioned shoes and exercising on an even, resilient surface rather than one that is rough or hard.