What are Pressure Points and how to use them

Pressure points are places where major arteries can be directly compressed-often against a bone – thus cutting down the circulation to a limb or other part of the body.

A knowledge of pressure points and their use forms part of advanced first-aid courses and requires considerable practice and training. Two such points that everyone might readily become familiar with are the brachial and femoral. The brachial artery can be felt high up on the inner surface of the arm just below the armpit. It can be recognized by its pulsation, and the vessel can be readily compressed against the unyielding arm bone alongside of it.

It is the major artery supplying the entire upper extremity. The corresponding artery for the entire lower extremity, the femoral artery, can be located in the crease between thigh and abdomen. The arterial pulse can be felt at about the middle of the crease, and the vessel is readily compressed against the firm tissues beneath it.