What are hand tools

Your house becomes your home (not just a structure) when you I give it loving care with your own hands. But hands alone are not enough – you need tools to carry out your ideas and “know how” to use them.

Repairs, alterations, and additions to your house and furniture can become a hobby – not just for a man, but for a woman as well. When you regard these chores as a pleasurable hobby and not as a task – when you see the results of your skill and the savings in your budget  – you’ll find great satisfaction in the use and mastery of the tools.

You don’t have to start out with every item in the hardware catalogue – but there are some essentials, such as saw, hammer, screw driver, etc. which every household should have on hand for the emergencies which arise.

A general description of the handyman’s tools is given here, and as you get more ambitious and proficient in your homework, you can keep on adding tools and supplies to your workshop.