The rules for checkers .. checkers rules

The game of checkers is played on a board 8 squares by 8 squares, alternately dark and light, with 12 dark and 12 light disklike checkers or men. The aim of the game is to capture and remove all your opponent’s checkers or otherwise render him or her incapable of moving.

Arrange the 12 dark checkers on the dark squares in the three horizontal rows nearest you while your opponent does the same with the light checkers at the opposite side of the board. Checkers can rest or move only on dark squares. Moves are made forward diagonally one square at a time. Black (dark) moves first.

Captures are made by jumping over your opponent’s checkers onto a free square. You may make a series of captures in one move. If you fail to make a possible jump, you lose the checker that failed to jump.
When a checker reaches a square in the opponent’s rear (king’s) row, it becomes a king and is crowned by placing a captured checker of the same color on top of it. A king can move backward as well as forward.