The post palaeolithic cultures of palestine and syria

A Mesolithic culture, the Natufian, followed the end of the Upper Palaeolithic in Palestine and lasted until perhaps 5000 B.C.

5000- It was succeeded later by the Tahunian and (at Jericho) by a so-called Neolithic culture, at first without pottery and later with pottery, but without polished stone implements.

c. 3000-2000. With the Early Bronze Age recorded history begins in this area, although our information for many centuries comes from Egyptian sources, supplemented by the results of excavations at Beisan, Megiddo, Jericho, etc. An Early Bronze Age culture in Phoenicia has been revealed at Ras Shamra and Byblos, while Late Neolithic or Chalcolithic levels have been unearthed in northern Syria, at SakjeGeuzi, Carchemish, Tell Judeideh, and Chagar Bazar.