The easy rules of blackjack winning

The object of the game is to get two or more cards totaling 21 or close to but not over 21. Aces count as 1 or 11; face cards, 10; all other cards have face value. After all bets have been placed, the dealer gives each player one card face down, then one card face up.

A player may stand-refuse more cards-or say “hit me” and get another card, face up. He may ask for additional cards only as long as the cards in his hand add up to less than 21. A player who has more than 21 points in his hand is busted and pays the dealer the amount he bet. If a player gets a natural (two cards totaling 21), the dealer pays double.

When all the players are busted or standing, the dealer takes more cards, if he wishes, then turns over his face down card. If he has more than 21 points, he pays each player still in the game the amount each bet. If the dealer has 21 or less, he collects from those with lower scores and pays those who scored closer to 21 than he did. After five games, the deal moves left to the next player. In gambling casinos, the deal does not move, and the rules of play differ slightly.