The Arizona Cardinals have New Uniforms – Cardinals sport new look – Pictures included

Well, I guess if it’s been over a decade you deserve new uniforms. The Arizona Cardinals hope the new uniforms turn around their franchise’s history of losing? Will it be enough?

The Arizona Cardinals have long been the laughingstock of the NFL. Typically an easy win on any team’s schedule, they haven’t tasted the winning on a consistent basis. The new Arizona Cardinals uniforms bring a new feeling of excitement to the team and could signal a change.

Kurt Warner, the new quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, said of the new uniforms:

I think it’s an example of how we’re trying to turn the corner and change things up, change the perspective of what the Cardinals are all about. I think the uniform is a great way to start on it.

It’s going to take more than the uniforms, Kurt.

The new Arizona Cardinal uniforms do have a few neat things about them:

  •  Knit Cordura
  •  Diamond Back Mesh
  •  stretch-twill fabric

Have you seen more buzzwords for fabric? Actually the Knit Cordura is a big plus:

  • 2 x more durable than standard nylon
  • 3 x more durable than polyester
  • 10 x more durable than cotton duck

So how do they look? I think they look pretty good given it’s the first redesign in a century. They didn’t go over the top and instead went simple.