NFL 2006 Draft: Pick Number Five 5 – AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers

NFL 2006 Draft: Pick Number five 5 – AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers, Linebacker

AJ Hawk was the number five 5 pick of the 2006 NFL Draft. AJ Hawk went to the Green Bay Packers as a linebacker. Round 1 pick 5. Fifth.

AJ Hawk went to the University of Ohio.

AJ Hawk Pros: Excellent big play instincts

AJ Hawk Cons: Physical presence

This is a photograph of AJ Hawk in action:


Photo Credit: The Daily Texan

How tall is AJ Hawk: 6 foot 1 inch

How much does AJ Hawk weigh: 240 pounds

What is AJ Hawk’s hometown: Centerville, PH

What high school did AJ Hawk go to: Centerville High School

Birthdate What is AJ Hawk’s birthday: January 6, 1984