Longest boxing matches fights with gloves

(Each round the regulation 3-minute round of today) 110 rounds (7 hours 19 minutes)-Andy Bowen vs. Jack Burke, April 6, 1893, New Orleans. Referee called it “no contest” when fighters refused to continue. 100 rounds (6 hours 39 minutes)-Danny Needham vs. Patsy Kerrigan, Feb. 27, 1890, San Francisco. Draw. 77 rounds (5 hours 8 minutes)-

Harry Sharpe knocked out Frank Crosby, Feb. 2, 1892, Nameoki, Ill. (Longest fight under Marquis of Queensberry Rules to end in a knockout.) 76 rounds (5 hours 3 minutes 45 seconds)-W. Sheriff (The Prussian) and J. Welch, April 20, 1884, Philadelphia. Draw. Shortest Fights with Gloves The record appears to be a 10-second kayo in the first round on April 3, 1936, between Al Carr and Lew Massey at New Haven, Ct. Although it was listed as 10 seconds, the bout was stopped in 7 seconds as Massey rested on the canvas. Al Couture knocked out Ralph Walton in 101/2 seconds, at Lewiston, Me., Sept. 23, 1946.