How to weave

Making a cushion cover on a frame loom

To make a cushion cover 14 inches square, you’ll need a frame loom with warp; a 16-inch shed stick; a shuttle; and about 1/2 pound of weft yarn. This can be almost any material, including mohair, chenille, rag strips, ribbon, metallic cord, or a blend of these. Exact quantity will depend on the thickness of the yarns you choose.

Start with the main weft yarn. Loop a weft end around one notch in the shuttle, then wind the weft around the shuttle. Weave the shed stick over every other warp thread: stand it on edge. Slide the shuttle through the space (shed), leaving a 2-inch tail at the side. Don’t pull the weft taut ; allow it to form slight curves, or bubbles, across the warp. This prevents the warp from being pulled M at the sides.

When you reach the other side, lay the shed stick flat and use it to pack the weft straight and firm: then slide it to the top of the loom. For the return row, weave the shuttle under alternate strands (the ones that lie behind the first weft); this Is the second shed. Atthe end of this row, weave in the weft tail. Continue weaving, alternating the sheds on each row and packing them with the shed stick, a comb, or a fork.

After completing 1/2 inch, called a heading. introduce other colors and textures. To change yarns at the beginning of a row, leave tails of each yarn; weave them into succeeding rows.

When you have 14 inches of fabric, make another heading. If the shed openings are tight, weave the last row or two with a darning needle. Slip the fabric off the brads. Stitch across the warp ends close to the weave by machine or with a whipstitch.

Weave a second square for the cushion back or buy 1/2 yard of fabric.