How to use your warranty illegal

Getting your rights under written and implied warranties

Whenever you buy merchandise, you get some form of warranty, or guarantee about the basic quality of the product, that will be upheld by law. The warranty may be written or implied.

Implied warranties

When you purchase an item, you assume that its basic quality and safety meet typical consumer expectations for that type of product. This is the warranty of meirhantability. If you tell a seller that you need an item to do a particular job, you can reasonably expect it to serve that purpose. This is the warranty affitnessfar a parlicularpurpose. A seller can exclude these implied warranties only if he makes it clear that he is doing so. For example, an item marked “as is” warns you that you purchase at your own risk.

When a product fails to come up to its warranties, let the seller know at once. He should promptly give you a product that will fill the bill, satisfactorily repair the product, or refund your money. If he refuses, complain in writing. If you still get no results, you can (1) keep the item and sue the seller for the difference in the price of the item promised as compared to the price of the item received or (2) return the goods and sue the seller for the amount of money you paid. If the amount is small enough, you can take it to small claims court vvi th out hiring a lawyer.

Limited and full warranties

Manufacturers frequently offer limited or full warranties that promise to repair their product if it malfunctions within a certain period of time. In a limited warranty you get only what is specified. If a product is covered by a full warranty, the manufacturer is obligated to repair without charge an item that breaks down within the covered period. You need not have mailed in the warranty card, but you may have to produce a dated, itemized receipt or some other proof of purchase, and you will probably have to get the product to an authorized repair service station. If you misused or abused the product or tried to repair it yourself, the warranty is void.