How to use pliers – types of pliers

Hardly a day goes by in most homes when you don’t need to tighten a small nut, bend wire, loosen screws. Keep a pair of adjustable pliers handy for such odd jobs. Most pliers have knife jaws at the sides to cut small sizes of wire.

You will use it to remove screws and to replace them, to pry up nails and light boards. Do not abuse it by too heavy work, for it will probably break. Don’t ever try to open tin cans with it. Keep the blade sharp by filing it with a hand file.

Set your screw driver squarely in the slot of the screw before you try to turn it, and if you accidentally blunt this slot, take out the screw and use another. If you rub a little soap on the screw portion, the screw will go in more easily.