How to use an elevator safely

Don’t board an elevator with someone who appears suspicious; wait for the next car. If you’re on the ground floor waiting to go up, don’t board an elevator headed for the basement; pick it up on its return. Before entering an elevator, check the security mirror, if any. Inside, try to stand near the control panel. If a suspect person enters an elevator you’re on, get off immediately. If you are threatened or attacked, press the alarm and as many floor buttons as you can-and yell.

Don’t smoke in an elevator. It is annoying to others, a potential fire hazard and, in many cities, illegal. In a fire emergency, use designated stairways or fire escapes – not elevators – to exit the building.

If an elevator stalls Stay calm. Press the alarm and use the in-elevator telephone, if any. If neither works, bang on the walls or door with a shoe or other heavy object. Then wait for rescue; don’t try to climb out without the assistance of a trained emergency crew. Safety devices Modem elevators are very safe. If a car’s descent exceeds a certain speed, an independently powered speed governor trips a safety switch that activates the brake on the elevator’s hoisting machine. If the car continues to accelerate, the governor causes safety clamps to grip the guide rails, bringing the elevator to a smooth, safe stop.

Other devices prevent cars from moving with open doors or doors from opening when a car isn’t at a landing. Be careful not to trip or get hit by closing gates when entering or exiting older, manually operated elevators.