How to travel and pack a suitcase wrinkle free?

Unless you’re on a cruise, travel light. When flying, limit yourself to a carry-on garment bag, a bag that fits under the seat (the sum of its length, width, and height must not exceed 45 inches), and a tote or briefcase.

If you check your luggage, include essential medicines, travel papers, valuables, toiletries, ad a change of clothing in a bag you keep with you at all times.

Pack shoes and heavy items along the bottom (opposite the handle) of a suitcase or garment bag. Stuff shoes with socks: cover them with plastic bags. Place belts around a bag’s perimeter; do not coil them.

Carrying clothes in a garment bag that you can hang up in transit avoids wrinkles. If you pack in a suitcase, place tissue paper or plastic bags in garment folds and in the shoulders and sleeves of dresses and jackets. Lay trousers out flat, creases aligned; fold both legs up about 6 inches below the knee, then fold again above the knee. Fold the sides of a flared skirt inward so that it forms a rectangle; Fold a skirt in half and a dress in thirds, with the first fold just above the hem and the second fold at the waist.

Layer clothes in the following sequence: trousers at the bottom; heavy dresses and skirts; jackets; shirts, ties, light dresses and sweaters; and lingerie on the top. Tuck underwear in corners and crannies.