How to throw a frisbee or flying discs

A windless day and a good quality flying disc are all you need to learn this modern version of the ancient sport of disc throwing.

Curl your hand around the disc in the backhand grip-thumb on top, index finger following the curve of the rim, the rest of the fingers fanned out on the underside with the little finger pressed against the inside of the rim. Hold the disc in front of you as shown.

Swing the disc away from your body, smoothly uncurling your hand. Release the disc with a snap of the wrist. Once you’ve mastered this basic throw, add a short run of up to 10 yards before the release.

To make the disc curve in flight, tilt it at the time of release and use less snap in the wrist. To make the disc hover, then float gently earthward, greatly increase the wrist action and loft the disc into the air like a fly ball in baseball. To skip the disc off- the ground, use an underarm delivery and hit a point 10 to 20 feet away.

In flight a disc is unpredictable, so reposition yourself several times, and raise both arms for the catch at the last minute. Grab the edge of the disc with two hands and pull the disc toward your body.