How to tease hair teasing

How to backcomb hair to give it fullness. Teasing can add fullness to a hairstyle and give fine, limp hair greater body. Take a 1- x 3-inch section of hair, comb it out, and hold it away from the scalp at 90 degrees. With a fine-tooth comb, gently comb the section from the ends toward the roots. A slight tangle will form at the base and the hair will stand away from the head. The more times you backcomb, the more fullness your hairstyle will have.

You can tease your hair all over for a very shaped style or do just one area that needs lift. When you have finished teasing, brush or comb the surface of the hair lightly to smooth it.

Avoid too much teasing; it can damage hair badly. Gently comb out the snarls before you wash your hair.