How to teach yourself touch typing

A home-study method for learning how to type.

Sit straight directly in front of the typewriter, your feet flat on the floor. Position your hands over the typewriter’s keys, your fingers relaxed and curved, and your forearms at slightly less than right angles to your body. Adjust the chair’s height if necessary. Position your eight fingers over the home keys (a, s, d, f and j, k, l, 😉 as shown. Use your left index finger for both the f and g keys: your right one for both h and j. Use a thumb to strike the space bar. Press the shift key with a little finger prior to typing a letter to make it a capital.

Practice finding the home keys by touch. When fully confident, type the home keys under your left fingers in order-asdfg (space) asdfg-while keeping both hands in place. Strike the keys with a light bouncing motion; don’t press them. Then, with your right hand, type ;lkjh (space) ;110. Type them over and over, saying the letters as you do so.

To reach the remaining keys, use your fingers above and below the home keys to include all letters and numbers as indicated by the arrows. Get a book of typing exercises and follow them in proper sequence.