How to take a bath to relax

A warm tub is a daily oasis for a lot of people. Relaxing in a warm bath will ease the effects of tension and put you in a better state of mind to deal with your troubles. Remember, the bath should be warm, not hot.

Some well-chosen herbs in your bathwater could make your soak even more effective. For help in choosing the right herbs,

A whirlpool bath and a steam room are two of the nicest features that a health club can offer. Before you try either, ask your physician’s advice. Both should be avoided by people with cardiovascular problems and by pregnant women. If you do get approval from your doctor, you’re sure to enjoy the experience. While whirlpools or steam rooms may seem uncomfortable at first, you’ll find that the intense heat can be surprisingly soothing. Use them on their own, or to relax after exercise.