How to swim the crawl stroke

Floating prone, with your face submerged and arms extended fully over your shoulders, begin to exhale slowly through your nose and mouth.

With your hands flat and your fingers together, pull your right arm downward, bending your elbow slightly so that your hand passes beneath your body. Start turning your head to the side-always the same side, which ever is comfortable.

Complete the pull at your hip or upper thigh and bend your elbow upward. Simultaneously begin the pulling action with your other arm (your arms should be at fairly opposite positions throughout) and complete the head turn so that your mouth breaks the surface.

Inhale deeply, then roll your face back into the water, exhaling slowly. Your arm should exit the water elbow high, wrist low, with your fingers slightly above the surface. Bring your arm forward and extend it fully; your fingers enter the water first.

Flutter kick

Scissor your legs with your feet staying just below the surface. Flex your knees slightly and point your toes downward. Push downward with the tops of your feet; recover upward. The movement should come from your hip joint (avoid hip rolling). Kick relaxed but fast: six kicks to each stroke cycle of both arms.