How to stop wheezing prevention

Easing breathing difficulties

Wheezing-a harsh whistling sound accompanying breathing-is caused by a constriction of the bronchial tubes. Wheezing can occur when breathing in or out or both. If someone wheezes when b reaching in, there is an obstruction of the upper airway: a foreign body may be lodged there; the person may have greatly enlarged tonsils or a tumorous growth; or he may be a victim of croup, usually a childhood disease.

For the latter, humidify the air with a hot or cold vaporizer; keep the patient warm. In case of an acute attack. turn on the shower to Hot and sit with the patient in the steam-filled room until his breathing is eased. In any of these cases, see a doctor promptly.

Wheezing upon breathing out is usually a sign of asthma. However, someone with severe asthma may wheeze both upon breathing in and out. Asthma has numerous causes: cold air, a viral infection, food substances, air pollutants (smoke, dust), even exercise can bring on an attack. An asthmatic should be prepared with prescription medication to relieve the wheezing. Never exceed the prescribed dosage: call a doctor if the medication doesn’t work.