How to stop smoking? Tips to help kick the habit

First you must make your own decision to stop smoking; if you do it just to please others, you will probably fail. Make a list of the reasons why you smoke. Next to it list the reasons you want to quit. Read both lists often.

When you decide to stop, pick a date in the near future and plan for it. If possible, choose a time when you are faced with a change in routine, such as a holiday or a trip. Tell your family and your friends; They will reinforce your resolve. If you can, team up with another who’s quitting-sharing the experience helps. Talk to others who have stopped. Note the moments when you most want to smoke and be ready with a diversion.

When the date comes, stop carrying cigarettes, matches, or lighters. Hide all ashtrays. Carry nuts or other nutritious snacks to nibble on: stay away from candies. When you feel the urge to smoke, take a few deep breaths. Drink lots of water and fruit juices.

You will have moments of great anxiety. Endure them; they will pass. Keep active; exercise more. Read an engrossing book; engage in a hobby that keeps your hands busy.

If you backslide, don’t give up. Stop again immediately. Nicotine is addictive: a smoker must conquer the habit one day at a time. Don’t worry about not smoking ever again; focus on now.

Many have found help from such organizations as the American Lung Association, which has branches in every state, and from commercial smoke-ending programs, as well as from group therapy, hypnosis, yoga, acupuncture, and prescription drugs.