How to shape and color eyebrows

A slight tweezing can improve eyebrow shape, as long as you retain their natural look. Keep the eyebrows in proportion to your face by tweezing stray hairs that grow between your brows and below them and that extend too far beyond the outer comer of the eye. Do not tweeze the brow top; this will destroy the natural line.

Just before tweezing, press a warm, wet washcloth over your brow. Heat will make the hair roots a little easier to extract. Pluck hairs one at a time, pulling in the direction that the hairs grow. Refresh the area afterward with a cotton pad soaked in astringent.

Brush your brows daily, using an eyebrow brush or an old, soft toothbrush. A touch of petroleum jelly will add gloss and keep them in shape.

Pale brows can be colored with an eyebrow pencil using light, feathery strokes. Never apply a hair-coloring product to your eyebrows. The strong solution could cause blindness.