How to set hair; hair setting

If your hair is long or of medium length, set it with jumbo rollers to obtain a sleek look or a loose curl. Use large rollers for more body; medium or small rollers for a tighter curl. Setting short hair with large rollers on the top, sides, and crown creates fullness. Use pin-curl clips or hair-setting tape to wave bangs or very short hair around the ears and nape of the neck.

Wire-mesh and magnetic rollers are kindest to the hair, but must be carefully fastened with hair clips or picks. Brush rollers or plastic rollers with fine teeth cling better, but are more likely to damage hair. Foam-rubber or soft-curl rollers are safe and comfortable for overnight setting, but tend to give an uneven set. Hot rollers are convenient, but damage hair if used daily. Setting methods

Start with the front, center hair; wind rollers back toward the crown. Then do each side and the back, winding rollers down. Neatly section off hair, using a rattail comb. Each section should be only as wide as the roller’s length and as deep as the roller’s diameter. Add a little setting lotion, gel, or foam if you wish. Be sure ends are flat and smooth against the roller before winding. The use of endpapers helps guard against split ends and “fish hooks” (ends that bend backwards). Secure the roller right over the section of your scalp where the hair in the roller grows.

To make a pin curl, wind a strand of hair around your finger, slide the curl off your finger against your scalp, and secure it with a pin-curl clip.